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Health Insurance – Relieve Yourself From Stress To Lead A Longer Life

A healthy body and mind is the key to success. Healthy lifestyle habits are excellent way to keep stress as far as possible from you. Not only do those living a balanced and healthy lifestyle tend to experience minimal stress, but the healthy habits they retain often lead to lowered reactivity toward stress and other problems which will enable to lead you a healthy long lifestyle. This is also a fact that due to fast paced lifestyle people don’t have time enough to eat properly, forget about maintaining a healthy diet.

Poorly maintained health habits and exercise regime gives rise to various health problems which people are unaware of and when the problems begin to increase they take a toll on your life. Nowadays even if you go for a normal health check-up it costs you around rupees 700/- per sitting and if you calculate this by making it 4 rounds a month, you can easily note that your annual charge will go upto around a lakh and that excluding any medicines or tests referred by the specialist. Due to such medical expenses and costs incurred in every small medication it becomes highly expensive for a person to bear it. With health insurance cover you not only get the cover on your medication and consultation and hospital expenses but also saves yourself from the huge bills which can come in the time of emergency.

Securing a health insurance not only ensures economic assistance in your medical expenses but also helps you lead a stronger, healthier life as you know that someone is at your back taking care of all your health needs. You also get 24/7 Healthline to offer you access to health advice when you need it, whenever you need it by a company being launched recently in the market. It not only provides expenses for medication but also for nutritionist consultation.

Brain Cancer Survival Rate – Dare to Know Your Chances

A brain cancer survival rate refers to the percentage of people who were reported still living after being diagnosed with the cancer about 5 yrs ago.

Basically, brain tumor is the abnormal growth of cells in the brain and we commonly refer to it as cancer cells. There are different ways in which a tumor may spread. One is that it can be a cause of the spread of cancerous cells originating from another body part or the cancer cells are really coming from the brain itself.

It is true that exposure to harmful chemicals leads to abnormal growth of brain tumor. It was statistically confirmed that about 80% of brain cancer patients are suffering from oligodendroglioma.

Cancer of the brain remains one of the most incurable cancers with an average survival period of one to two years.

Factors Affecting Survival

A five-year brain cancer survival rate may be influenced by several factors including the size of the tumor, at which part of the brain, the severity of the cancer and the stage. In most occasions, the general health of the patient is also an indicative factor of survival.

How do you calculate the rate of survival?

Survival statistics are based on a large number of people, and should not be used to predict the survival of an individual or patient. reported that children at the age of 14 have around 73 percent chance of surviving cancer of the brain and live until five years of more, while the rate drops to 55 percent with young adults between 15 and 44. Middle-aged patients between 45 and 64 have a rate of 16 percent, and older people have a survival rate of only 5 percent.

Other facts

Statistical facts show that with the proper combination and usage of radiotherapy and chemotherapeutic drugs, the lives of those with brain cancer may be prolonged. In some patients, the quality of live may even be improved but there are those who easily give up and were not luckily able to live more than 2 years.

The brain cancer survival rate presented here is based on a relative result. The total 5-year brain cancer survival rate from the years 1995-2001 was more than 33%. The relative survival rates at 5 years for brain cancer by race and sex were:

• 32.1 percent of Caucasian men
• 37.7 percent for African-American men
• 33.5 percent of Caucasian women
• 37.5 percent for African-American women.

Brain cancer survival rate statistics reveals that about 85% of physical disorders were affected by the negative mental and emotional stress at the fourth/metastatic stage of the disease.

Many patients could attest to the fact that negative emotion and mental stress weaken the immune system despite the fact that there is no such direct connection between negative emotion and cancer, medically speaking. This is one thing we should remember when dealing with patients suffering from cancer, in general.